Fuzes & Components

M505A3 Point Detonating Fuze Assembly

M505A3 Fuze Assembly is a mechanical point detonating, super quick fuze for 20MM and 25MM, HE, HEI, & HEIT ammunition and is predominantly used against light ground targets and air-to-air engagements. The initiating explosive element for theM505A3 Fuze consists of a M57A1 Stab Detonator, sealed and staked within a Rotor Ball type S&A Device and restrained in a safe position by a C-shaped Detent Spring engaged in the shoulder of the Rotor Ball. The output energy of the M505A3 Fuze is derived from a Booster Assembly sealed and torqued in the aft end of the fuze.


M55 Detonator

Booster Assembly

M57A1 Stab Detonator

M100 Detonator


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