At The Forefront of the Pyrotechnic
& Explosives Industry Since 1968

Specialized Capabilities

Pyrotechnic Specialties, Inc. specializes in providing difficult-to- produce pyrotechnic compositions, ranging from delay to ignition and tracer compositions and more. We manufacture a vast scope of defense products that include pelletized materials, delay cartridges, tracers, boosters, leads, fuzes, explosive fittings, igniters, rocket igniters and components for consumable ammunition.

Enhanced Quality

PSI manufactures pyrotechnic materials above and beyond the quality of standard U.S. military specifications. We process compositions with improved flow characteristics and mix integrity as well as superior properties of the consolidated material. Our high standards of production allow us to manufacture a final product with more consistency, better batch-to-batch reproducibility and a greater ease and versatility of loading. PSI's pledge to quality ensures each product outperforms expectations.