40MM Family

40MM Parachute Assemblies

Approximately 2 seconds after firing, the delay element ignites the ejection charge/candle. The ignition charge ignites the illumination candle canister. The ejection charge ejects the parachute/candle assembly out the front end of the projectile. The parachute deploys upon ejection and provides visual light for approximately 45 seconds while descending.

M583A1 White Star      M662 Red Star      M661 Green Star      XM992 Infrared (not shown)

40MM Star Clusters

M585 White Star Cluster has a white plastic dome with a raised “W” to indicate the flash color. In addition there are five raised dots on each plastic dome indicating cluster signal. M664 Red Star Cluster has a raised “R” for red, and the M663 Green Star Cluster has a raised “G” for green. The clusters emit a luminosity of 30,000 candlepower and reach an altitude of 500-700 feet. The burn time for clusters is approximately four to six seconds.

M585 White Star Cluster      M663 Green Star Cluster      M664 Red Star Cluster

M781 TP 40MM Practice Cartridge

M781 is a fixed, practice-type ammunition designed for firing from 40MM grenade launchers M79 and M203. This cartridge is a fixed round of ammunition consisting of a metal projectile body with a rotating band and a cartridge case assembly. A hollow plastic ogive is filled with a high visibility yellow-orange dye. A .38 caliber blank cartridge is press-fitted into the base of the cartridge case and provides the gas pressure needed to propel the projectile through the launcher barrel. Projectile range of 200-300 meters.

Pyrotechnic Specialties, Inc. manufactures 40MM flares, 40MM cartridges and other explosive products from its 380-acre production plant in Byron, GA.